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Commercial Mortgage Lending Secrets Revealed in this powerful combination of effective marketing and underwriting systems and a proven fee collection strategy to help you get paid on your commercial loans…

“What If... You Could Easily Find & Fund Commercial Mortgage Loans , and Increase Your Closing Ratio Using the Same Powerful Origination, Marketing & Underwriting Tools that Superstar Commercial Lending Professionals Use to Make Millions?”

“The Fastest, Easiest Way To Increase Your Commercial Mortgage Loan Closings Is Knowing The Proven, Marketing & Underwriting Skills To Guide You All The Way Through Finding & Funding Your Loan To Get Paid And Put Cash In Your Pocket...” -Mickey O’Brien .



Take the Challenge and Attend one of our Live Trainings or

New Instant Access Home Study Course, and You’ll Learn...

• Intro to commercial lending, commercial opportunities and market 

• Property types and loan types (Including Hard Money & SBA)

• Marketing, what, where, how, niches?

• Loan process, how to make it flow smoothly to funding

• How to write a professional Executive Summary

• The do's and don'ts of commercial lending

• Service Agreement, getting paid for your time

• Underwriting and calculations

• Putting it all together and winning the game



FREE Instant Access tele-conferencing Commercial Lending Training on

"How to Profit in Commercial Lending" &

"The Do's & Dont's in Commercial Lending" ($95 value).

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Dear Distressed Commercial Brokers:

Are you not closing commercial loans because you’re just not sure where to go to find or fund your deal?

Do you find it easy to do a residential loan, but are unfamiliar with the intricacies of today’s commercial lending?

Are you failing to get your prospects to pull the trigger and get their loan paperwork together?

Do you have difficulty setting appointments... building rapport... identifying needs... and leading your prospect to the close?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ll want to read this message all the way through... because it could be the most important—and life-changing—message you could possibly be reading right now...


Loss of Income Leads to New Opportunity

What you focus on is what you attract…are you attracting residential loans that are in the hundreds of thousands or are you attracting commercial loans in the millions……

Your focus can either make you rich... or leave you struggling to make enough money to live the life you desire for you and your family.

You can learn to consistently close commercial loan after commercial loan and make what the top originators make... just by changing what you focus on!

You see, if you want to close more commercial loans, the fastest way to get there is to do what the top producers are doing and focus on a higher end product that will produce a greater income and the life you dream of.

Attend our 2-day Live Commercial Lending Academy or our....


New Instant Acccess Home Study Course... more info here.


Learn from one of the world’s leading commercial lending trainers the tools to help you Find, Process, Underwrite and Fund Commercial Loans.

I’ve invested 10 years and $30,000—so far—in mastering these rare and valuable marketing & underwriting secrets. It is these very same origination techniques that millionaire sales professionals use to consistently close commercial loan after commercial loan...

You can use these very same origination and underwriting techniques yourself to begin closing more commercial loans immediately.

During the Commercial Lending Academy, I’ll be teaching you how to apply and use these little-known techniques in real origination situations.

You’ll learn how to ensure that everything you say to get the appointment… to build rapport… to communicate the benefits of your product or service… to close the deal… to handle objections… is as powerful and persuasive as possible.


Quarantine Your Fears and Take Action

By the end of this course, you will have the capacity to find, process and fund a commercial mortgage loan and more importantly, you will learn the strategies that work to create wealth in commercial lending and have the freedom to do what you want and when you want in life!


This Sexy New Style of Training Gives You the Tools

Where else can you learn the marketing and underwriting secrets of commercial loan superstars?

Here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll work on the most critical marketing and underwriting skills with live interactive input and coaching.....
  • You’ll receive your own manual to refer to anytime you need help on processing, underwriting and marketing.....  
  • You’ll get nine weeks of follow-up training calls (1 per week) to help further reinforce these techniques......  
  • You’ll take with you the skills you can use for the rest of your life to literally make money on demand.
  • You'll be a part of a community of lenders and brokers active in commercial real estate finance that shares resources and successes...

You get to choose between the 2 day live training or New Instant Access Home Study Course with live tele-training and our exclusive commercial training manual... more info here.


Get access to a FREE Instant Access tele-conferencing Commercial Lending Trainingon "How to Profit in Commercial Lending" & "The Do's & Dont's in Commercial Lending" ($95 value).


Consider the Impact on You,  Your Business and Your Family

From taking this course you will be more effective at setting appointments... at better communicating the benefits of your offer... at delivering a more persuasive close... and at easily overcoming any objection your prospect throws at you?

Just imagine having more powerful tools and skills at your command, ready to deliver when the moment is right. Imagine how those extra commercial loans you’ll be making will change your life!

Many other attendees have reported dramatic results in their business after attending this workshop.


What's The Cost to Do Nothing?

The regular tuition for this program is $2,995. Even if it were double that price, this training would pay for itself many times over. However, because of the recession and my desire to help those who are struggling, I’ve decided to temporarily lower your investment to just $1,995. Click Here to Register Now...

To find out what other specials and bonuses you qualify for, simply call email Head Trainer & Coach Mickey O’Brien at



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Life Offers No Guarantees, Your Actions and Innactions Determine Your Results

After attending the 1st training day of the Commercial Lending Academy, if you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know and we will give you a complete 100% refund. There is NO RISK whatsoever. Attend day 1 of the program. THEN decide if it’s worth the investment and stay for day 2.

Here are the upcoming dates for this training...

2 Day Live Commercial Finance Training - February 5th & 6th, 2010

We hope to see you at one of our 2010 events.


Mickey O’Brien

Master Trainer & Coach

P.S. You’ll be surprised at the deals we’re offering right now because of the recession! I urge you to act soon because these offers won’t last long, and the Commercial Lending Academy is open only to a limited number of participants. Call (916) 224-5626 and ask to speak with Head Trainer & Coach Mickey O’Brien to hear about our special offers.


9 Week Live Home Study Course

In order to meet the needs of those wanting to get fast results on a limited budget we have designed a Live 9 Week Tele-Conference training package.


You will be able to interact on the live call with Mickey O'Brien and ask questions just like you were at the live class. We also include a video series and training manual so that you can start your commercial lending business as soon as you sign up.

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2 Day Live Commercial Mortgage Training

April 20-21, 2012

9-5 both days

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SBA On The Rise

• The SBA is operating at Full Speed. More money, more programs, more staff and more positive publicity have SBA lending in the national spotlight. Current weekly approvals based on dollar volume (up now to 40% higher than pre-stimulus) continue to climb.

• However, the SBA may be headed toward a publicity nightmare with both the ARC program and the new Floor Plan Financing program, which are not being widely accepted by the lending community.

• The major challenge to small business lending this year may have very little to do with small business. Delinquencies and defaults on large commercial mortgages are growing each month. This is potentially creating a new liquidity crisis. Lenders appear to be gearing up for this challenge.

• As a subset to liquidity issues, credit is as tight as it has been all year. Even with the SBA 90% guaranty, banks are still doing their job of making good loans.

• There may be a west coast issue of demand for SBA loans. Both north and southern California lenders reported a great willingness to increase lending, but citied a sizeable lack of demand.

• SBA industry employment looks to make improvements over the next 90 days. However, do not expect a major employment recovery until next year.

It's Not All About The Money - Build A System For Success -

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